k a r i m  
 h a d d a d

r e c o r d i n g s


:: And the days are not full enough (2012)

for doublebass
Performer : Félicie Bazelaire


:: Ficus Vitis (2012)

for three equal voices
Performer : Roula Safar


:: Wo Honig rinnt aus hohler Eich' und leicht Gewässer rauscht von Bergeshöhn. (2010)

for harp and string orchestra
First preformance :4th of June 2010, Bourg-La-Reine
Scene Nationale des Gemeaux
Orchestre du CRD
Marion Ravot (harp)
conducted by Jean-Luc Tourret


:: ...Wo wollen wir bleiben ?... (2009)

for string quintet
Performance: March 2009
Ensemble Itineraire


:: ... and the leaves are full of voices ... (2001)

for string trio
Performance: March 2009
Ensemble Itineraire
Violin : Nicolas Miribel
Viola : Lucia Peralta
Cello : Florian Lauridon


:: I can only say, there we have been: but I cannot say where (1999)

for double bass and ensemble
First performance: Decembre 1999, Dijon-France
Jean-Pierre Robert & the ensemble of Dijon


:: Unus dies par omni est(1999)

for electronics

An excerpt from the 23' section featuring convolution


:: In te anime meus tempora metior(1998)

for soprano, french horn, electric guitar, double bass, bass drum and electronics.
First recording: May 1999, Radio France
Alla breve program
Isabel Soccoja, Pierre-Yves Bens, Octavio Lopez,
Jean-Pierre Robert and Florent Jodelet.


:: Noch eins ist aber zu sagen...(1998)

for 2 sopranos, fl (dbl-bass), cl (bass/dbl-bass), french horn,trbn, elec. guitar, string orchestra and electronics

Excerpt (concert recording)


:: Ce qui dort dans l'ombre sacrée (1996)

for solo double bass and electronics
First performance: February 1996, Paris,
Radio France, Festival Presence
Itineraire ensemble
Jean-Pierre Robert


:: Discography

Journee de la composition
Conservatoire de Paris
Cite de la musique
Sacem, 1994.

Ce qui dort dans l'ombre sacree
Jean-Pierre Robert
une contrebasse, un humain
Ame Son, 2008

Meditatio I
Roula Safar
Racines sacrees
Hortus, 2009

Meditatio II
Roula Safar
Vergers d'exil
Hortus, 2011

And the Sacred Tree is dead
"47°Lat.N - 3°Long.O"
Christine Marchais et Marc Sieffert
Musiques Libanaises - La cève du Cèdre
Marcal Classics, 2012


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