k a r i m  
 h a d d a d

c a t a l o g u e



"Lang ist das Leben..." 13'
solo piano

"47 lat. Nord, 3 long. Ouest" 6'
solo piano
First performance: January 1994, Paris
Conservatoire Rachmaninov
Malika Smati-Haddad



La prédestination au labyrinthe ou de la tellurique de l'esprit 9'
solo tape
First performance: October 1992, Paris
Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris

Rumeurs d'étoiles 13'
eight cellos
First performance: November 1994, Paris
Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris
l'Atelier Instrumental du Conservatoire,
conducted by Alain Bancquart

Des ciels gris de cristal 12'
alto fl, Bb cl, vln, vcl
First performance: June 1994, Gif-sur-Yvette
Pierre-Yves Artaud, E. Lamaison, V. Descharmes, P. Morlet



Was ist das -"ist"? 17'
solo violin
First performance: July 1994, Darmstadt
Ferienkursen fur Musik
Nicolas Miribel

"...et..." 12'



Innere Ferne 2' 30''
bass fl, french horn, vib, harp
First performance: May 1995, Paris
Colegio de Espana, ORME concerts,
Chibaru, Delcroix, Astier, Gavazzi
conducted by Karim Haddad

Double Paysage (flute version) 7'
solo flute
First performance: July 1995, Paris
Lucero festival
Pierre-Yves Artaud



Ce qui dort dans l'ombre sacrée 7' 30''
solo double bass and electronics
First performance: February 1996, Paris,
Radio France, Festival Presence
Itineraire ensemble
Jean-Pierre Robert

Double Paysage (four flutes version) 7'
four flutes



Die Gipfel der Zeit 15'
solo violin
First performance: June 1998, Paris
Institut culturel Italien
Nicolas Miribel



Noch eins ist aber zu sagen... 33'
2 sopranos, fl (dbl-bass), cl (bass/dbl-bass), french horn,trbn, elec. guitar, string orchestra and electronics
First performance : June 1999, Paris
Julie Hassler, Olga Pitarch
Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio-France
Conducted by Laurent Cuniot

Something always remains 15 '
bass flute, 2 violins and bass drum
First performance: May 1998, Lisbon
Gulbenkian foundation
22nd Gulbenkian Encounters
Ensemble Instrumental Futurs-Musiques
conducted by Alain Bancquart

Tales for tomorrow 7'
solo percussionist

In te anime meus tempora metior 13'
soprano, french horn, electric guitar, double bass, bass drum and electronics.
First recording: May 1999, Radio France
Alla breve program
Isabel Soccoja, Pierre-Yves Bens, Octavio Lopez,
Jean-Pierre Robert and Florent Jodelet.



Exiles 5'
alto flute
First performance: March 1999, Paris
Sophie Deshayes

I can only say,there we have been: but I cannot say where 13'
for double bass and ensemble
First performance: Decembre 1999, Dijon-France
Jean-Pierre Robert & the ensemble of Dijon

Ash-Wednesday 7' 33''
solo tape

Unus dies par omni est. 34' (*)
solo tape



... and the leaves are full of voices ... 11'
solo violin
First performance: April 2001, Paris
Nicolas Miribel

... and I have tried to keep them from falling. 5'
string trio
First performance: August 2001, Nancy
Rencontres Musicales de Lorraine
ProArte String Trio

No one to speak their names (now that they are gone) 11'
electric guitar, string trio and electronics
First performance: October 2001, Paris
Territoires polychromes Festival
Yvap Quartet



In lieblicher Bläue... 7'
doublebass, bass saxophone, tape and electronics
First performance: February 2003, Beziers
Reina Portuando, Daniel Kienzy & Jean-Pierre Robert

"...und wozu Dichter in düftiger Zeit?..." 15'
For twelve instruments and electrtonics
First preformance : April 2003, Paris
Radio France
Ensemble 2e2m
conducted by Paul Mefano

No one to speak their names (now that they are gone) 11'
two bass clarinets, string trio and electronics
First performance: 10th of March 2009, Paris
Itineraire ensemble



"Tal vez tenemos tiempo" 17'
for dbass flute, dbass clarinette, french horn, cello and electronics
First performance: March 2004, Madrid
2e2m ensemble

Adagio for string quartet 5'
String Quartet
First preformance : September 2004, Paris
Radio France
Diotima String Quartet
Nicolas Miribel, Eichi Chijiwa, Franck Chevalier and Pierre Morlet

Menons Klagen um Diotima 10'
Tape and Video art
(Music : Karim Haddad - Video : Netochka Nezvanova)
First preformance : October 2004, Berlin
Pergamon Museum



"First Attemped Escape from Silence: Tunnels" 16'
First act from the opera " Seven Attempted Escapes from Silence"
Libretto : Jonathan Safran Foer
First performance: September 2005, Berlin
Staatsoper Berlin, 2005



Livre premier de Motets 40'
for two to five voices

Andenken 12'
solo violin
First preformance : October 2007, Madrid
Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza
Madrid, Spain
Nicolas Miribel



Purple Cloud on the Edge of the Invisible Sea 6'
For Theorbe solo

Wir sind die Treibenden 20'
for mezzo-soprano, and flute ensemble
6 alti, 6 tenor and 4 octobass
First preformance :3rd of April 2008, Paris
Salle Cortot
Orchestre de Flutes Francais
Coralie Diatkine (mezzo-soprano)
conducted by Pierre-Alain Biget

Meditatio I 10'
for mezzo-soprano, 2 percussionists and tape
First preformance :8th of June 2008, Paris
Festival des musiques du monde contemporain
Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris
Roula Safar, Paul Mindy and Youssef Hbeisch

phusis kruptestai philei 5'
for violin solo
First performance: 9th of April 2009, Paris
Juan Sebastian Silva Herran



...Wo wollen wir bleiben ?... 5'
for string quintet
First performance: 10th of March 2009, Paris
Itineraire ensemble

Wir sind die Treibenden 22'
for mezzo-soprano, and eight cellos
First preformance :13th of December 2009, Paris
Reid Hall
Elizabeth Laurence (mezzo-soprano)
Christophe Roy and the Nomos ensemble
conducted by Michel Pozmanter



Alles ist innig 40'
For Cristal Baschet, violin, cello and Tape
First preformance :6th of April 2010, Champigny-sur-Marne
Saison Culturel 2010
Centre Olivier Messiaen
Arnaud Crozatier, Françoise Ruscher and Catherine Brisset

Wo Honig rinnt aus hohler Eich' und leicht
Gewässer rauscht von Bergeshöhn.
for harp and string orchestra
First preformance :4th of June 2010, Paris
Scene Nationale des Gemeaux
Orchestre du CRD
Marion Ravot (harp)
conducted by Jean-Luc Tourret

Suite for blue harp, percussion and tape 15'
First preformance :5th of June 2010, Paris
Classes of Florence Bourdon-Chretien and Marianne Le Mentec



Meditatio II 6'
for mezzo-soprano and tape

Im Arm der Götter wuchs ich groß 12'
for soprano and string quartet

And the sacred tree is dead 4'
for alto saxophone and piano
First preformance : December 2011, Paris
Mark Siefert and Christine Marchais



And the days are not full enough 6'
for Doublebass
First preformance : 2012, Paris
Felicie Bazelaire

Motet: Ficus Vitis 2'30''
for three equal voices or viols
First performance : 24/02/2017, Unesco Paris
Marie-José Matar, soprano,
Roula Safar mezzo-soprano,
Roberto Poma, ténor,
Louis Gal, baryton,



Ichs wohl vergessen, aber dich? 15'
for 2 narators, four voices, ensemble and tape
First preformance :12th of November 2013, Geneva
Studio Ernest-Ansermet
Ensemble Contrechamps
Ensemble Vocal Sequence
Narators : Gertraud Mariam Zotter, Brice Pauset
Conductor : Michael Wendenberg

...and to think that what has been shall be, flowing, ever unstill. 8'
(In memoriam Emmanuel Nunes)
for flute, clarinet/bass clarinet in Bb, trumpet in Bb, cello and percussion
First preformance :11th of October 2013, Krefeld
Ensemble Chronophonie
Heather Roche - Klarinette
Steven Altoft - Trompete
Niklas Seidl - Cello
Norbert Krämer - Schlagzeug

Song for Emmanuel 4'
for Bass Viol



Where the wind is weightless in the leaves 4'
for Flute and live electronics

increscunt animi, virescit volnere virtus 5'30''
for electric guitar
First preformance :5th of October 2014, Geneva
Musee d'art et d'histoire de Geneve
Simon Aeschimann
Ensemble Contrechamps

tou de logou aksunetoi gignontai anthrôpoi 5'
for Mezzo Soprano and Organ



Like a horse made only of shadow 5'
(In memoriam Abboud Mohsen)
for alto saxophone and piano
First preformance :3rd of March 2015, Budapest
Budapest Music Center
Marc Sieffert - saxophone
Christine Marchais - piano

... and like the grass and trees 7'
for tenor saxophone and piano
First preformance :2nd of November 2015, Rouen
Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Rouen
Marc Sieffert - saxophone
Christine Marchais - piano



Deduke men a selanna (The Pleiades in Mid-Heaven) 6'
for mezzo-soprano and tape
First preformance :25th of May 2010, La Baudelie
Les rencontres de la Tour du Guet
Roula Safar - mezzo-soprano



...and nothing could be said that has not been said before. 15'
for orchestra
First preformance :15th of March 2019, Paris
Grand Amphitéâtre de la Sorbonne
Choeur et Orchestre Sorbonne Université
Sébastien Taillard - conductor

Etüde N°5. 6'
for 2 ensembles and live electronics

Klavierstück Nr.1. I 22''
for piano



Klavierstück Nr.1. II 1'30''
for piano

Deduke men a selanna (The Pleiades in Mid-Heaven) 6'
(version 2) for mezzo-soprano and ensemble



Etüde Nr. 6. «...où ton âme en le somme gît cachée,...» 12' ca.
for orchestra



De principio individualis 7' ca.
for two electric guitars


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